2024 NEW hair extension trends on the market CD124

2024 NEW hair extension trends on the market CD124
2024 NEW hair extension trends on the market CD124
2024 NEW hair extension trends on the market CD124
2024 NEW hair extension trends on the market CD124
2024 NEW hair extension trends on the market CD124
Organic Hair
Single Donor Hair
22 inches
Any grams, custom specifications
No tangling, no shedding,no splits.
Any colors you want

2024 NEW hair extension trends on the market CD124 


Comparison and advantages

Hybrid weft has almost all the advantages of hand tied weft, with two exceptions. Hybrid weft is mechanically produced, while hand tied weft is hand-woven, so the former is stronger and has a longer service life.


NO return hair

The hybrid weft has no return hair. Many people complain of the return hair clinging to their scalp and getting tangled in their hair. 



Hybrid weft hair extensions can be cut. If the stylist does not realize they are dealing with hand-tied hair and they cut out the weft, then the hand-tied hair is destroyed. Over time, the weft will begin to fall off and become useless.


Support customization 

Hybrid weft contains more hair per square inch because they are double-stretched. We are still able to stack extensions and mix colors. Custom color combinations will create hair extensions that best match your natural hair. 

Welcome Your Sample Order To Test Our Quality!

The amazing quality hair you love and trust now available here. Different lengths and colors, excellent product and satisfactory price.

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