Organic hair factory also can do synthetic wigs, synthetic hair weft etc..The Synthetic wig isFabric strong, flexible, anti-wrinkle, and not easy to fade, smooth, and can keep the folds and creases. So used to make a good hair styling effect. The synthetic hair wig is cheap, we doing the cosplay wig, doll wig normally use the synthetic wig. The synthetic wig hair extensions is a save money mothod for you. We can do many light color more than 3000 styles colors, doing the synthetic hair color and synthetic hair extensions styles are very easy. For example the Yaki Straight, Natural Straight, Silky Straight, Kinky Straight, Small curls, 25mm Curl, Kinky Curl, Jerry Curl, Afro Curl, Loose Curl, Body Wave, Deep Wave, Super wave, Water Wave, Wet and Wavy,or as customer’s request.


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