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Organic Different Grade Hair We can Offer you

* Full Cuticle Intact Hair

Full cuticle hair is our factory advantage.

In organic hair factory, our main sell market is full cuticle hair high end market. Full Cuticle Intact Hair is made of different layers. Will still have all cuticles perfectly lined in the same directions.The cuticle is the outer layer of the hair. It is made up of overlapping layers of long cells. All cuticles are aligned in the same direction like the tiles on a roof. Their free edges are directed towards the tip. The cuticles protect the hair from outside elements and lock in the necessary moisture. It is not just a protective layer. A healthy cuticle makes the hair shine. Light reflects from their glossy surfaces. This gives the hair its characteristic appearance in addition to the pigment within the cortex. Full cuticle intact hair is the best hair in the world.

100% PREMIUM hair , softest without dry condition.

100% highest quality hair with full cuticle aligned and facing the same direction. Healthy, thick hair and very natural look hair, no split.

100% Natural hair can be dyed and designed to any style .

Collected by ourselves and with professional production skill and strict quality control.

Processed only with pure water,shampoo and hair conditioner,without any chemical treated and in steam permed textures as well.

Inspected strictly for removing Grey hair, lice and nits and eggs etc.

Full cuticle intact hair have the longest hair life, normally more than 24 months no problem at all if you take care good.



Fine Remy Hair

The hair material we use the full cuticle hair material made. Because of the production technology different, when we producing the hair, we should take off the hair cuticle, so after we finish the hair, the hair had already no cuticle, but we use the high quality cuticle hair material make, so it also can last long time, about 12 months no problem. If you take care good, even though more longer time.This kind of hair we called Fine remy hair. Fine remy hair we can do thick ends, double drawn quality hair.  The fine remy hair price are cheaper than the Full cuticle hair.


European Hair

European hair comes mainly from Eastern Europe (Russia) and Italy. Because of its quality it is popular to use for extensions. Natural blond or red hair is less common but it can be dyed in any color just like your own natural hair. Typical European human hair is relatively thin and has an oval cross-section. We have many clients who are Jewish people use our European hair material to make the ksoher wigs , also if you have european hair material, welcome to contact us , we can do OEM order for you.

Indian Hair

Indian hair we sell more in American afro lady market. In general this hair type is of a very high quality. However the method of collection is very essential. India is one of the largest exporters of human hair. Indian temple hair is a name you will hear when you deal with hair extensions. Many Indian women offer their hair in Hindu temples as a sign of respect and gratitude. This hair is bundled and bagged with cuticles lined up for each individual separately. Collected in the right way this hair is one of the best hair types available for use in a human hair extension. Not all Indian hair is Remy hair. Most of the Indian hair is shipped to China but other countries are also important.



Peruvian hair

Peruvian hair is relatively new to the market.The use of Latin American hair has been growing the last couple of years.


Asian hair

Asian hair comes mainly from China. It is very often used for human hair extensions. This hair is thicker than European hair and has a round cross-section. It is dark black. To prepare this hair for use in hair extensions it is usually chemically treated to make it thinner and lighter. This will lower the quality. This hair is usually less expensive.
Some factories mix Asian hair with Indian Remy hair to make it cheaper. If you want 100% Remy hair make sure that it is not mixed. Organic hair all the types of hair belongs to the no mix hair, 100% pure hair, 100 human hair .



Brazilian hair

Brazilian hair we sell more . Have large stock for the hair weft, closures, 360 frontals and lace wigs. Brazilian hair is one of the best selling hair in the world. It comes different style and length, have a very good quality and long life.


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