Our Factory

Who we are and why we are here.

These two questions have been here when we start.  

The answer is “quality”.  Quality is our life, is the reason of our existing and is the power of our improving.

The “quality” does not just mean if the products are good, the most important is if it is the product you want. So “good quality” starts from knowing your requirements completely and doing what you really want, or we should say do what you really need. So we will ask you more question, analyze your real requirements and then reach your satisfied.

The quality base on strict production control and quality check rule. We have strict production control. Each procedure has strict operation rule and review system.  Any procedure occur quality problem. The order need be re-made. And after all procedure, we have a quality double-check system. Before washing, check across, before shipment, check again. Our QC assistants have over 17 years’ experiences in this line. More info , welcome to contact us have a inquiry !

Tel :+86-13210017159

Mail: info@organichairextension.com


Room 403,No.16, Zaoyuan Road, Licang District, Qingdao, China