Realize your dream of blue hair extensions this summer C0103

Realize your dream of blue hair extensions this summer  C0103
Realize your dream of blue hair extensions this summer  C0103
Realize your dream of blue hair extensions this summer  C0103
Realize your dream of blue hair extensions this summer  C0103
Realize your dream of blue hair extensions this summer  C0103
Organic Hair
Single Donor Hair
22 inches
No tangling, no shedding
If you were going to a friends birthday party, what color hair extensions would you wear? Want to be more personal and colorful? This blue color will definitely make you stand out from the crowd of blonde haired girls.We can supply any colors you want.

Realize your dream of blue hair extensions this summer  C0103


Sample picture:


Why are more and more women wearing extensions?

1.Inevitable hair loss, need to increase hair volume.

2.Constantly dyeing your own hair will be very damaging to your hair.

3.You may need to lengthen your hair for visual effects.


Therefore, the market for hair extensions is developing rapidly. What is more, womens demands for hair extensions are becoming more personalized and high-end.

Recommended specifications:


Such as:

1.100g/pack,2 wefts/pack,50g/weft,90 cm width/weft.

2.100g/pack,3 wefts/pack,33g/weft,25 inches width/weft.

3.100g/pack,8 wefts/pack,12.5g/weft,10 inches width/weft.


Each brand and hair stylist has their own favorite specifications, we support you to customize their own specifications. The price depends on the grams of the hair, not the specification.

Will such blue color fade?


1.Our cold dyeing technology is different from other factories, which can keep the color bright to the greatest extent, but can not completely avoid fading.

2.Just like our own hair after dyeing, the first few times after washing hair will also appear fade, for example, blue is more obvious. But the color will gradually stabilize, fading is temporary.

3.None of the hair dyes can completely prevent fading, but the more advanced and healthier the dye, the less damaging it is.

What information do you need to provide before customizing your hair?


1.Hair extension method.


3.Colors(Choose or customize colors from our color ring, you can also send me your reference pictures).



6.Your address.

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