The most stable quality genius weft manufacturer in China C0102

The most stable quality genius weft manufacturer in China  C0102
The most stable quality genius weft manufacturer in China  C0102
The most stable quality genius weft manufacturer in China  C0102
The most stable quality genius weft manufacturer in China  C0102
The most stable quality genius weft manufacturer in China  C0102
Organic Hair
Single Donor Hair
22 inches
No tangling, no shedding
In 2022, Genius Weft is becoming more and more popular. As the factory that initially produced it, Genius Weft has been fully mature after several process improvements, and the feedback from customers is also very good, so feel free to place your orders!

The most stable quality genius weft manufacturer in China  C0102


Color description:


P is short for Piano Color, two different solid colors mixture, according to the different color spacing can be divided into Piano Color and Mixture Color, the spacing of the piano color is more obvious.

T means that Rooted Color and Ombre Color, the top and bottom of the hair color is different, generally, the top color is darker, as for each color length can be customized according to your requirements, of course 1-3 inches is preferred.

Similarly, based on our solid colors, you can customize any colors, such as #P4/27,#T8/60,#M6/22,#T2/P2/8,# P10/16/60, etc.

About genius weft:


Referring to the picture, you will find that Genius Weft is as thin as hand tied weft, much thinner than machine weft, but also similar to flat weft. In short, it combines all the advantages of all weft extension methods: It is comfortable, natural, thin, cutable, etc., so if you need a new replacement, genius weft will be a good choice!

Why are we good choice for you?


1.Stable hair quality, will not appear worse and worse, we will carry out quality testing before the completion of production and shipment.

2.Our dyeing technology is different from other factories, cold dyeing will   not damage the hair to the greatest extent, the color is more vivid, and the   fading condition is greatly improved. And there is almost no color difference.

3.Whether it is a large order or a sample order, our production time is relatively stable. Prepare enough inventory to ensure that you will not be out of stock.

Before you order our hair, I would like to know more about you:


1.What hair extension method do you want?

2.Are you a wholesaler? Salon owner? Or a hairstylist?

3.How many months do you want to wear our hair?

4.Have you used any other brands of hair extensions? And why do you want   to find a new factory?

Do you need our help?

Name: Candy

WhatsApp:+86 15735178762 (24 hrs online)

Instagram: @chenting4220

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