Beautiful color double drawn human hair genius weft wholesale V

Beautiful color double drawn human hair genius weft wholesale V
Beautiful color double drawn human hair genius weft wholesale V
Beautiful color double drawn human hair genius weft wholesale V
Beautiful color double drawn human hair genius weft wholesale V
Organic Hair
Single donor remy human full cuticle virgin hair
12~32 inch
100g or do custom weight
No tangling, no shedding,no splits.
Genius weft extensions are most natural looking hair extension method available and most comfortable method of hair extensions. There is no heat or glue required for an application. Genius weft is durable as well as reusable. Genius weft hair extensions are ideal for people with thick or coarse hair.

Resuable human hair genius weft extensions

What is genius weft

Genius weft method is a weft of human hair that is hand-tied into your natural hair by a row of beads. For this extensions, clients with fine or thin hair will need maintenance every eight to ten weeks. Clients with thick or dense hair will need maintenance every ten to twelve weeks. And genius weft hair extensions are reusable. Genius weft extensions are great options for ladies with fine hair. Genius wefts tend to be easier to conceal as they lie flat to your head.


Genius weft materials

Genius weft hair extensions are made by high quality remy human hair from healthy girls. These hair extensions are full cuticle intact, so they can last long time. No tangle, no shedding, no slicon. Very soft and comfortable feeling. We use advanced Korean cold dyeing technology and the color is more beautiful. Full cuticle intact hair last 24 months, no dry. Stable quality and dye fixation,hair does not color fade after washing. There is no heat, no glue, no melting, and no tape involved. They may be a better option for you if you have a very sensitive scalp.


Weft for look

Genius wefts undoubtably allow for easier concealment when you are wearing your hair in high ponytails and top knots. These extensions can allow for a fuller look. Because you can stack quite a lot of wefts on top of one another due to their thinness. 

4-8 wefts for volume

8-10 wefts for volume and length for fine hair

10-12 wefts for volume and length for medium-thick hair

12-14 wefts for volume and length for thick hair



We support customized packaging to help customers build their own brand hair extensions business line. f you want to expand your brand hair extensions business line, choose us is your best choice.

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