Wholesale best quality full cuticle remy hair genius weft extensions L4

Wholesale best quality full cuticle remy hair genius weft extensions L4
Wholesale best quality full cuticle remy hair genius weft extensions L4
Wholesale best quality full cuticle remy hair genius weft extensions L4
Wholesale best quality full cuticle remy hair genius weft extensions L4
Organic Hair
Human full cuticle remy hair
12inch to 30inch
No tangling, no shedding,no splits.
customized color
Organic hair genius weft hair extension by new times hair is lighter, thinner, tangle-free, and can be cut without fraying,looks natural and authentic, blended perfectly with the wearers natural hair. Our hair is 100% human full cuticle intact remy hair and top-end hair quality on hair market,hair last 12-24months.

Genius Weft

100% full cuticle intact remy hair,our genius weft hair is 100grams/packs and each packs 2wefts.

Genius weft can be cut for easy customization and has no return hairs that can irritate the scalp,

where hair is missing,genius weft can fill it perfectly! 

When you wear it,you will not be tickled by short hair,which is more comfortable.



All the hair is from one single young gilr 

Our full cuticle intact remy hair is cut from one single donor,the hair is double drawn and hair last 12-24months.

We use the most advanced Korean cold dyeing technology,the color is pure and accurate,and no harm to the 

hair and retains 100% of the hairs cuticle.                                                         


genius-weft (2).webp

Customized color

We have many colors for you choose from, the color in the picture is very popular #T8A8A/60.We support 

customized,you can choose the hair length,color and weight you want,we will customize it according to your 


We are good at rooted color,balayage and piano color.

If you like the color in the photo, please let us know,we will do it for you.                                                                                                                                                                                         

genius-weft (3).webp


Welcome your sample order to test the quality

We are one of the most professional factories in China,quality is the key also is our advantage and we 

believe our hair will bring you with more business.


If you have any interest,please send the message to our eamil:Sales10@organichairextension.com                                                                            or WhatsApp:+86-19653287955,we will send you more info yo you!

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