The top quality genius weft hair extensions near me CD116

The top quality genius weft hair extensions near me CD116
The top quality genius weft hair extensions near me CD116
The top quality genius weft hair extensions near me CD116
The top quality genius weft hair extensions near me CD116
The top quality genius weft hair extensions near me CD116
Organic Hair
Single Donor Hair
Any grams, custom specifications
No tangling, no shedding,no splits.
Genius Weft is one of the newest and most popular hair extensions, giving you the most comfortable wear experience. The genius weft is very thin, flat and light, which are the outstanding features of it. It allows you to wear it with your own hair perfectly. It is very invisible, like your own hair, and can be cut and worn according to your needs, which makes it very flexible to wear and really an amazing extension of hair.


What about the quality of our hair?

The factors that customers may consider when learning about the quality of our hair include

 the source of the hair, the lifespan of the hair, dyeing techniques, etc., which are indeed of

 reference significance. Our factory provides a variety of popular hair, European hair, Russian

 hair, Chinese hair and so on for you to choose from, essentially it depends on the customer's

 preference. In fact, our dark color hair typically lasts for more than 1 year; Light color hair

 lasts about 9 months, and of course it requires your daily care. Our cold dyeing technology

 has reduced the damage of dyeing and bleaching to hair quality as much as possible, which

 is an unprecedented progress!


How many colors do you have to choose from?

Our hair colors can be divided into three categories: single color; combination of colors; your

 own custom color. First of all, single color refers to those single colors on the exclusive color

 ring of our Organic Hair, which are suitable for preparing stock hair. Combination color: On

 the basis of single colors, choose 2 or more colors for combination customization, such as piano

 color,ombre color,balayage color, etc. These colors are more convenient to install, because there

 is no need to dye again. Customer's custom color: We support customer's customization, but the

 MOQ for each color is 1kg. We will try our best to dye the color you need, but we cannot

 guarantee that it will be exactly the same, especially when referring to pictures.


The amount and width of weft in each pack of hair?

First of all, if you have your own custom specifications, then we will customize according to

 your requirements. Secondly, if you need our specification advice, then we are glad to help you.

 Usually, the specification depends on the weight and length of each pack of hair. If you order

 different lengths of hair at the same time, we will arrange different specifications so that the

 final weft thickness will be similar.


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