Jewish Kosher human hair wigs factory sale sheitel

Jewish Kosher human hair wigs factory sale sheitel
Jewish Kosher human hair wigs factory sale sheitel
Jewish Kosher human hair wigs factory sale sheitel
Organic Hair
100 Human Hair
USA,UK,European, Russian,Mid east
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PVC bags or custom request
ShanDong of China (Mainland)
This Jewish wig we use the high quality Russian hair material made, the cape size we can do S,M,L size according your request. The skin top size is 4*4'. If you want more large size , we can do custom order for you. The weight is 180g-230g kosher wigs. We have large stock , can send out very soon, the kosher wig with brown color, ash blonde color, jewish wig blonde, all hot sale hair. We also can doing wig for you use your hair material. Some our client send us the wigs material from European, and we doing the wigs need about 25-30days time. The quality is super good. Jewish wig in New York is a hot sale place, also in Mid east, european, you can find our organic hair jewish wig so easy.
This Jewish Wigs wholesale is made of super fine Slavic Russian Hair , Top quality on the market , 
without any processing . Can be weared at least 6 years , some of our clients can even wear 10 years , 
when the cap is worn, hair keep nice . always get good feedback . 

* What is Jewish wig ? 

Jewish wig ,also called kosher wig , Jewish wig sheitel,is the wig which is accord with Kosher standard , 
only use high quality of hair , European hair , Braizlian hair, Russian hair etc. 
The cap is usually with silk top on front , and machine made wefts on the back . 
There is no short hair on whole head , not like the lace wig for black women,  
the hair is 100% unprocessed , looks gorgeous . 
Jewish wigs uk, jewish wig store are easy to find our wigs. We also can do the jewish with curls.
The lightest blonde, brown, natural color very hot sale. Jewish wig tradition, jewish wig for sale in our factory until 2017. The Christmas and new year gilf do you ready to buy ? The jewish wig salon is hot sale our Jewish wig, jewish wig wearing very easy and natural , we welcome jewish wig buyer contact us for a a further talk. Jewish wig very popular for white market . 

* How we collect our hair for Jewish wig ? 

We have our stable supplier in Russia , Brazil, Ukraine , we only collect the top quality of the hair , 
we fly to the supplier several times every year to pick gorgeous hair . 

* How is the Jewish wig made ? 

The most important work is the silk top , it takes long time to make as we need to tie the hair through the 
silk material, knot, glue and get the hair through back , one hair by one hair , 
by hand , that cost long time, when its ready , you will find it alomose same with real scalp .
that is also one reason why the Jewish wig cost so much . 
When silk top is ready , we need to make the wefts and sew silk top and weft on the cap , 
than one wig is almost done , but we still need to tie some hair on the edges of the cap .

We are professional  Manufacturer for Human hair products , mainly doing Hair Bundles,
Jewish wigs , Hair extensions ,Closures , frontal and lace wigs etc.

For the Jewish Wigs , we only use high quality hair from Russia , Ukraine and The best quality
Mongolian hair .
For the hair bundles ,we have high grade of hair ,7a ,8a virgin and 9a etc. mainly do wholesale, 
so we have competitive price .We have been doing Wigs and hair extension for more than 20 years ,

We have many professional technical people to give you the best advice .
In our factory, you will feel what is customer first .  
Every salesman is full of enthusiasm to answer you every question .
For now,we sell not only stock bundles and wigs , 
but also custom items , also accept your materials for processing.

Below is our contact info :
Tel&whatsapp :+86-13210017159
Welcome you, contact now !

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