Kosher wigs Jewish wigs ,also called kosher wig , Jewish wig sheitel,is the wig which is accord with Kosher standard,we only use high quality of hair, European hair , Braizlian hair, Russian hair..The cap usually with silk top on front, and machine made wefts on the back.There is no short hair on whole head, not like the lace wig for black women,the hair is 100% unprocessed , looks gorgeous .

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The lightest blonde, brown, natural color very hot sale. Jewish wig tradition, jewish wig for sale in our factory until 2017. The Christmas and new year gilf do you ready to buy ? The jewish wig salon is hot sale our Jewish wig, jewish wig wearing very easy and natural , we welcome jewish wig buyer contact us for a a further talk. Jewish wig very popular for white market .For exampe the Europe and the United States, Saudi Arabia, Germany and other developed countries.


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