High quality cuticle indain tample hair extesnions wholesale H329

2021-06-17 17:03:24

High quality cuticle indain tample hair extesnions wholesale H329
  Our factory supply silicone free Cuticle intact remy hair extensions like :Hand tied wefts ,Pre-bonded hair,Flat-weft and tape ins so on .
Organic high quality raw materials only 100% ponytail from young single donor and our cuticle percentage is more than 90%.
Our hair has a natural shining and don’t use silicon which fade away after a few washes .
Professional hair dyes +clod dyeing process takes 10-20days +cuticle intact technology.
60 times of washing and dry factory quality inspection report.
We have all the flexibility in the world to offer the largest variety of best hair extensions.
Our hair cut from one single young girl, no mixed, we use Korean advanced dyeing technology to dye beautiful colors without harming the hair cuticle.We uses a proprietary process to ensure the cuticle remains intact & aligned throughout the entire coloring process.
Sample orders are all welcomed and our sufficient stock will also need your big order requirement .Also our special customized service will subverted your business experience.

If you want to know more about our hair extensions, please 

Contact us to get more info.

Mail : Sales08@organichairextension.com

Whatsapp: +86-15066867892

Instgram :Organic HairExtensions Factory


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