Genius weft-The most popular hair weft in 2022-H15

Genius weft-The most popular hair weft in 2022-H15
Genius weft-The most popular hair weft in 2022-H15
Genius weft-The most popular hair weft in 2022-H15
Genius weft-The most popular hair weft in 2022-H15
GENIUS WEFT is the thinnest, flattest, and most lightweight hair weft,it can be cut for easy customization.If you are currently using hand tied wefts, machine wefts, or flat wefts, genius wefts are the best alternative, and they combine all the advantages of these extensions.The edge width of genius weft is about 1-1.2mm, which is very narrow and similar with Handtied weft's appearance.It is the most popular hair weft extensions in 2022 on US market.
Genius weft-The most popular hair weft in 2022-H15

  1. Why Organic hair factory supply the best quality on hair market. 

  Organic hair factory is the first factory to produce cuticle hair products with rich experience and guaranteed quality. We were also the first factory to install machines to replace manual labor on the production line. 

  We imported dye materials specially use in hairs,it's different with other which are actually for dying garments. We are using the most advance technology of cold dye method from Korea (hot dye in other factories), which makes the hairs more natural and durable in both look and wearing. The Cold dye method can guarantee the preservation rate of haircuticle above 90%.

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2.Genius weft has advantages over traditional weft.

The genius weft is the most populal weft in 2022,It is skinnier and more lightweight than hand tied wefts, you can cut them at anywhere unraveling .Organic hair factory supply Double Drawn 100% cuticle Remy Human Hair. This means they are thick at the bottom for a full look.

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3. Organic Professional salon hair line

  We use professional salon hair dyes that are different from industrial dyes. After a gentle 10-20 day hair dyeing process, this process ensures that the hair will not be damaged, and the color will not fade quickly.So Organic machine weft hair is tangle-free, no break, it can be reused for over 12 months.

Organic professional salon line is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, custom colors, and packaging.

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