Flexible cuticle intact I-tip hair extensions wholesale V

Flexible cuticle intact I-tip hair extensions wholesale V
Flexible cuticle intact I-tip hair extensions wholesale V
Flexible cuticle intact I-tip hair extensions wholesale V
Flexible cuticle intact I-tip hair extensions wholesale V
Flexible cuticle intact I-tip hair extensions wholesale V
Organic Hair
Single donor remy human full cuticle virgin hair
12~32 inch
100g or do custom weight
No tangling, no shedding,no splits.
single dark/light color, piano color, ombre color
The cost effective hair extensions method on the market, I tip hair extensions. I-tip hair extensions will give you all the volume, length and body you want, without damaging your own hair. I-tips can be reused, faster to apply and less expensive.

Cuticle intact I-Tip hair extension

What is I-tip hair extension?

I-tips are a type of hair extension that latches onto natural hair using flattened microbeads or metal cylinders. I tip hair extension is no heat or glue needed to apply. It is a great cost effective and discreet method of hair extensions.


Some advantages of the extension

They can be heat and colored, so you can style them the same way you would your own hair. They can be also washed, blow-dried, curled, or straightened. I tip hair extensions are convenient. It is longevity. With proper upkeep and care, the hair extensions will last 1-2 years.


Our advantages 

1. We collect young single donor hair ,full cuticle hair , only. Natural shining hair ,do not use any silicone.

2. We use advanced Korean cold dyeing technology that are 99.99% harmless to the hair. And the color is more beautiful.  

3. The delivery time is faster, and the product quality is more stable.


Customer service we have

We are service for salon owner, wholesalers. We support customized packaging to help customers build their own brand.


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If you want to start and expand your brand hair extensions business line, choose us is your best choice.


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