We are professional human hair extensions supplier and manufacturer,focusing on hand tied wefts, tape in hair extensions, prebonded hair extensions,wigs etc since 1999.
Organic hair

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Organic Hair Jewish Wigs Quality Guaranteed :
1.Hair Quality are guaranteed. European Hair are imported from Russia.
2.More than 10 years experienced Workers provide us with Excellent Wok.
3.Professional sales service can help you easily finish Purchase Plan.

*Brand : Organic Hair
*Materials: 100 Human Hair
*Length: 5
*Weight: USA,UK,European, Russian,Australia,Africa
*Delivery: If you want to know the price,inquire now
*Chracteristic : PVC bags or custom request
*OEM : ShanDong of China (Mainland)
Email: info@organichairextension.com
Phone: +86-13210017159

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Organic hair factory do jewish women wear wigs sheitel sale since 1999. 100 Human Hair Jewish Wig .100 Hand picked Human Hair. Skin Top is purely handmade ,back with machine wefts. Professional Human Hair Jewish wig manufacturer in China.


why you should choose us and trust our organic hair kosher wig ?

1.We are one of the earliest Jewish wigs factory in Qingdao China. 

2.All our hair are  are made from non-processed Russian Hair which has been compared to silk.

3.The Kosher wig caps are made partially from silk. The workmanship is top of the line! Don't settle for imitations ! 

4. Kosher Quality Sheitel Precut. We keep a very high attention on the issue of kosher wigs. We make sure that our hairs aren't mixed.

5. We work very closely with the Jewish community and we know the restrictions so to be safe we avoid all other mix hairs to be mixed with the other hairs that we work with.

6.Kosher certified wigs are individually manufactured with rabbinic supervision verifying that no Indian hair has been used. European sheitels and Russian hair sheitels are under Kosher Certification Bedatz Hecksher from the Bais Din of Rabbi Gross in Eretz Yisroel (see Kosher wigs label).

7. Large quantity in stock for four choose for fast delivery

8.Kosher certificate we have and we have many cooperated Jewish company in Isreal, New York.

We have large stock Jewish women jewish wig ready to ship for you. Also welcome you visit our factory.

The Jewish wig material we also can offer you, if you have jewish wig material, we also welcome you send us, we can do the custom wig for you too.

* How we collect our hair for Jewish wig ? 

We have our stable supplier in Russia , Brazil, Ukraine , we only collect the top quality of the hair , 

we fly to the supplier several times every year to pick gorgeous hair . 

* How is the Jewish wig made ? 

The most important work is the silk top , it takes long time to make as we need to tie the hair through the 

silk material, knot, glue and get the hair through back , one hair by one hair , 

by hand , that cost long time, when its ready , you will find it alomose same with real scalp .

that is also one reason why the Jewish wig cost so much . 

When silk top is ready , we need to make the wefts and sew silk top and weft on the cap , 

than one wig is almost done , but we still need to tie some hair on the edges of the cap .

We are professional  Manufacturer for Human hair products , mainly doing Hair Bundles,

Jewish wigs , Hair extensions ,Closures , frontal and lace wigs etc.
The lace wigs we also have different styles, the mono wigs is one of the most hot sale.

About Organic Hair Factory :

We are one leading hair manufacture in China since 1999, with 17 years in hair market service including hair style design ,hair production and export wholesale .For now we have establish long-term cooperation with customers in North American market ,Europe market ,Africa market and so on .

Workers--Skilled mid-aged workers are the fortune of the factory.

Organic hair factory own over 400 employees,300 works major experienced in produce hair for many years,20 works in charge of quality control ,30 Senior technical staff for new product design .Apart from that we have our own raw material purchase department collecting the hair material all over the world so that we can supply the real Indian ,Malaysia and Brazilian hair to meet your need .Hair factory supply the hair extensions,hair piece wigs and hair accessories .We also supply the OEM ODM service .

Material--Plenty of raw material stocks

We collect the virgin remy raw hair material hair bulk from Brazilian, Russian, Indian and Peruvian. The hair material all natural hair cut from girl head diretly, no any processed, no any mix, no red or other hair strands, 100 real human hair bulk. Very clean and have nice smell. Real brazilian human hair extensions is not too much and we only supply our client the best raw one donor hair materail and ensure the best quality of hair.

For export service ,we have professional sale team,logistic service team and after-sale service team to supply the professional service for you .

24 Hours service for any quality claims .Sample orders are all welcomed and our sufficient stock will also need your big order requirement .Also our special customized service will subverted your business experience.

Welcome you visit our factory ! Contact us now for more details !

Tel & whatsapp : +86-13210017159

Email : Info@organichairextension.com


European hair Jewish wig manufacturer in Israel
European hair Jewish wig manufacturer in Israel

what do jewish women wear ? For sure is our organic Jewish wigs ! Many jewish women love to wear our Jewish wig, because...

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Organic hair

We are one leading hair manufacture in China since 1999, with 17 years in hair market service including hair style design ,hair production and export wholesale .

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