Why is copper color hair extension becoming more and more popular? CD123

Why is copper color hair extension becoming more and more popular?   CD123
According to statistics, in addition to blonde hair, clients seem to pay more attention to personalization, they want more colorful, vibrant, unique colors, which will make them more prominent in the party. But copper hair can be challenging for manufacturers, stylists and the clients themselves, so why?

First impression of copper color:

The undertones of copper hair are red and orange, and the effect of the two colors is different in different proportions. This color overall gives a enthusiastic, energetic, warm feeling, can stand out in a lot of blondes. This color is more critical, and many times the stylist needs to reconcile the perfect color according to the skin tone of the clients.

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Dyeing and daily care:

Copper hair often needs to be faded before dyeing, this color can usually last 4-6 weeks, depending on the daily care of the client. Before dyeing, do a skin test to test for allergic reactions, and remember that the premise of beauty is SAFE. Regular care and maintenance is essential to maintaining color.

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Use a hair extension instead of dyeing your own hair:

In order to avoid the tedious dyeing and more convenient color care, many salons will directly order copper hair extensions from us, which is a wise decision. Our three colors #30, #33 and #350 are copper brown series. You can choose two or three of them to customize your piano color,ombre color or balayage color. Of course, if you have your favorite color, we also support you to customize the picture directly.

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Choose us:

Changing hair color is a big decision and it is worth noting that due to the color and texture of your hair, each person may end up with different results, but this is not an issue if you choose our hair extensions. We are committed to providing you with satisfactory copper hair extensions with superb hair dyeing techniques and high quality hair.

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Contact us and let us begin the journey! Come on!

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