Wholesale virgin cuticle hair hand tied weft C089
Wholesale virgin cuticle hair hand tied weft C089
Wholesale virgin cuticle hair hand tied weft C089
Wholesale virgin cuticle hair hand tied weft C089
Wholesale virgin cuticle hair hand tied weft C089

Wholesale virgin cuticle hair hand tied weft C089

Organic Hair
100 Human Hair
8~32 inch
100g or do custom weight
No tangling, no shedding,no splits.
Organic hair extensions are double drawn(fuller ends)&full cuticle intact with a natural tapering.This means the hair cuticle is intact and laying in its natural direction without any harsh acids and silicon fillers. The extensions will last 1-2 years with proper care.

Wholesale virgin cuticle hair hand tied weft C089


  • The reason why you choose our Organic hair factory:
  • If you want high-quality hair extensions;
  • If you want a beautiful color;
  • If you want your hair extension to last longer;
  • If you want to create your own brand;
  • If you are afraid of tangling or breaking your hair extension;
  • If you want different hair texture;
  • If you need perfect after-sales service;
  • If you want to receive the hair extensions as soon as possible;
  • If you need professional recommendations or advice;
  • If you have a small budget but quality requirements;
  • ......


  • A product introduction:

  • Color: #T1/5
  • Length: 20 inches
  • Weight: 100g
  • Quality:one direction with cuticles alive,double drawn
  • Specification: each pack of hand tied weft is 100g, divided into 8 wefts,eachweft is 12.5g, each wefts width is 12 inches.
  • Texture: straight hair

  • Hand Tied Weft we also called hand made weft hair. The Hand tied weft is a high end market needed hair method.

  • The weft part is our workers hand made, the hand tied weft hair production time more longer than the weft hair extensions.It is much thinner and silkier than regular machined hair weft,so that you will fell more natural and tangle free.

  • 100% Human hair available in - European hair, Russian hair, Mongolian hair, Indian hair, Asian hair, Brazilian hair,Chinese hair and Peruvian hair. Hand tied weft is completely hand tied weft.The hand tied weft hair weight normally 6 pieces total in one pack, 8''/piece hand tied or customized.

Recommendation: We recommend that you do NOT CUT hand-tied wefts.

  • About our factory:

  1. We, Organic hair factory, founded in 1999, are located in Qingdao, China. 
  2. We have been committed to providing customers with high-quality, multi-color, customized specifications, customized brand packaging hair extension and targeted, personalized services. 
  3. Up to now, we have customers all over the world, mainly in the USA, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and so on.
  4. And we always received excellent customer feedback.They think our hair has a distinct advantage over hair on the market at the same price. 
  5. Our popular products this year include hand tied weft,tape in,I tip,PU skin weft,flat weft,hybrid weft,machine weft,V tip,U tip,clip in, topper,wigs,etc. 
  6. On the basis of the original traditional process, we improved hand tied weft, which surprised the customers. 
  7. Only under the premise of ensuring product quality, we can continuously innovate to attract customers and expand the market, which is our goal and the demand of customers.


  • About cooperation with you:
  1. Our company regards reasonable price, efficient production time and good after-sales services as our tenet. We hope to cooperate with more customers for mutual development and benefits.
  2. More than 20 years experience, we do only 100% human virgin remy hair from young lady, gentle treatment to ensure healthy product. We also accept the customized order and provide the factory price directly to you. We are the factory entity, from the entity founded, the quality assurance is what we are focusing on. Curly holding after washing, could be flat iron and restyle. Durable hair, strong and resilient, good texture can keep long time.
  3. We do bulk orders for hair wholesalers, distributors, salons, beauty bars...
  4. Wholesale price could be offered accordingly.
  • The hand tied weft stock prepared for you today:

If you want to test our hair quality but don't have the patience to wait, this will be your best choice.


Besides, our other hair extension methods are also very popular:

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Flat weft:https://www.organichairextension.com/White-blonde--60A-seamless-weft-hair-weft-C058_3553.html

Hybrid weft:https://www.organichairextension.com/Best-quality-popular-flat-weft-hybrid-weft-C032_3462.html

Hair bulk:https://www.organichairextension.com/Human-hair-100--hair-bulk-wholesale-C029_3455.html

PU skin weft:https://www.organichairextension.com/Ombre-color-pu-skin-weft-popular-extensions-CNY040_3344.html

Machine weft:https://www.organichairextension.com/Custom-machine-weft-made-from-solid-colors--10---613-and--16--C086_3746.html

Tape in:https://www.organichairextension.com/Different-colors-of-tape-in-hair-extensions-C062_3564.html

Clip in:https://www.organichairextension.com/-P4-60-PU-clip-in-hair-extensions-C060_3562.html

I tip:https://www.organichairextension.com/Wholesale-I-tip-hair-extensions-C077_3648.html

V tip:https://www.organichairextension.com/Balayage-color-natural-wave-V-tip-hair-extensions-C064_3573.html

U tip:https://www.organichairextension.com/Wholesale-hair-extensions-supplier-C076_3647.html

Flat tip:https://www.organichairextension.com/Flat-tip-pre-bonded-full-cuticle-hair-extensions-CNY027_3328.html

Nano ring:https://www.organichairextension.com/Balayage-color-body-wave-nano-ring-C066_3577.html

Halo hair:https://www.organichairextension.com/Halo-hair-extensions--613-color-C070_3588.html


Contact us and let us begin the journey! Come on!

Name: Candy


WhatsApp:+86 15735178762 (24 hrs online)

Instagram: chenting4220

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