Wholesale human cuticle remy K tip hair and hot sale L

Wholesale  human cuticle remy K tip hair and hot sale L
Wholesale  human cuticle remy K tip hair and hot sale L
Wholesale  human cuticle remy K tip hair and hot sale L
Wholesale  human cuticle remy K tip hair and hot sale L
Organic Hair
Human full cuticle remy hair
12inch to 30inch
No tangling, no shedding,no splits.
customized color
K tip hair extension is a type of prebonded hair extensions,It's a long-lasting product on the market, our hair is 100% full cuticle hair, which means that all cuticles are aligned in the same direction. Our human keratin ktip hair usually each packs 100strands and each strands 1gram,of course we can packaging it according you need,for example each pack 25strands. Human keratin ktip hair is very easy to install and remove. When you put keratin ktip on, it will instantly increase the length and thickness of your hair. It is very beautiful and makes you more attractive.

Product Description

Keratin Tip Extensions, also known as K-tip, is an individual extension that is applied using a heating tool. 

K-tips are ideal for fine to medium-haired clients and are extremely versatile with maximum movement.

Organichair keratin ktip is human full cuticle intact remy hair and just cut from one single donor.

K tip hair extensions can be customized by color, weight, and length - depending on the desired needs of the individual.


Benefits of K-TIP Hair Extensions

Natural appearance: K-Tip extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair, resulting in a natural look and feel.

Long-lasting results: With proper care and maintenance, K-Tip hair extensions can last anywhere from 12-24months.

Minimal damage:The keratin bonding method used for K-Tip extensions is gentle on your natural hair, reducing the risk of damage.

Versatility: K-Tip extensions can be styled just like your natural hair, allowing for a variety of hairstyles and styling options.


Provide services

Our k tip extensions supports customized, no matter the length, color, or other, for now the rooted color k tip extension 

is so popular,and our customers give us good reviews.

We provide brand customization services and packaging design services,

and we have provided exclusive designs for many customers and have been recognized by customers.

If you want to open your own brand, we can help you. 

We also offer hair extension tools etc.


Welcome your sample order to test the quality

Quality and integrity are the basis of cooperation,can provide quality promise and after-sales promise.

If you need highend quality hair extensions and want to develop your own brand, please contact us,we will provide you with the best service.

WhatsApp: +8619653287955

Email: sales10@organichairextension.com

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