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What should we pay attention to when you use wigs?A59

2018-07-27 14:43:44

What should we pay attention to when you use wigs?

1. try not to approach high temperatures, because the material relationship wig is not high temperature (except as specified in the high temperature wire); 

2. chemical fiber wig can not be dyed, if you need to trim can ask the professional stylist to trim the hair; 

3. combing action should be light. Wigs should be combed well before use. Put on the wig and lightly comb it. Combing wigs is generally better than sparse combs. When combing wigs, it is necessary to use oblique combing methods. Straight combs are not allowed, and the movements are light; 

4. do not use hair clips. In order to prevent the wind from wiping the wig, some people like to use a hair clip to hold the wig. However, clips should not be too hard. Otherwise, it's easy to break the wig's net cover. Therefore, it is best not to use hair clips. You can use a decorative hair band to secure the hair on the wig; 

5. A small amount of hair loss during the process of dressing and dressing is a normal phenomenon; 

6. usually do not wear it on the original packaging, when you want to take a light shake it back to the original; 

7. The wig can be tied up, but it can't be too high or else your own real hair will come out.

Hope my sharing can help you.

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