What do you think of the new method on the market-genius weft? CD121

What do you think of the new method on the market-genius weft? CD121
The emergence of each new hair extension method will arouse the attention of the market, and it may take a long time for it to be tested and widely accepted by the market and become more and more popular. However, we support and encourage the innovation and revolution of the factory, only in this way can we promote the development of the industry.

The emergence of the genius weft:

In 2023, there is a new weft on the market, which we usually call "genius weft", but also some customers call it "micro weft", "lo weft", "mini weft" and so on.  Its emergence provides us with more choices and possibilities.  It almost integrates the advantages of hand tied weft and machine weft, providing a new choice for some clients difficulties in choice.


Compared with hand tied weft, what are the advantages of genius weft?

Genius weft has almost all the advantages of hand tied weft, in addition to making up for the shortcomings of hand tied weft, such as:

1.More durable;

2.Can be reused;

3.Can cut without losing hair;

4.No hair removal at the top of weft;

5.Shorter production time and lower price.


Compared with machine weft, what are the advantages of genius weft?

Genius weft looks very similar to hand tied weft from the outside, but in fact it is a weft produced by a machine.  Therefore, it has all the advantages of machine weft, and can give clients a better wearing experience.  For example:

1.Thinner, will not cause harm to the client's own hair;

2.Genius weft has a narrower top, making it more natural and invisible to wear.


The popularity and future development of genius weft:

Over the years, we have produced and sold many kinds of wefts, but we can find a trend, that is, weft will become thinner and thinner, wear more natural and invisible, and installation is becoming more flexible, as far as possible to avoid hair removal and hair loss, in addition to clients also want weft care more convenient.  Currently genius weft can basically meet these requirements, so it is conceivable that genius weft will continue to grow in popularity and even gradually replace hand tied weft in 2024.


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