The Best Tape-In Hair Extensions of 2023 H18

The Best Tape-In Hair Extensions of 2023 H18
The Best Tape-In Hair Extensions of 2023 H18
The Best Tape-In Hair Extensions of 2023 H18
The Best Tape-In Hair Extensions of 2023 H18
Organic Hair
Single donor hair
No tangling, no shedding,no splits.
rooted color
Organic hair factory serving hair wholesalers, hair salons, top stylists,Our hair retains the full cuticle intract and never use an acid bath during the manufacturing process. This hair will maintain it’s smoothness and shine even after 50 washes as our hair is never coated in silicone oil. All organic hair is ethically sourced and single donor.

1.invisible tape hair extesnions VS regular tape hair 

  Organic invisible tape hair extensions are made to mimic hair growing from the scalp, they are made to be 100% invisible,looks more natural and discreet extension.Compared with regular tape hair extensions, it can raise the position of the hair extension and make the hair more fluffy.


2.The advantages of full cuticle hair

All of Organic's hair comes from ethically sourced and one single donor, and we use unique dyeing techniques,the hair does not go through acid baths, does not soak in silicone during the whole manufacturing process, so our hair can be used for 8-24months, shiny and natural hair Same.


3.Organic hair meets the highest standards in the hair extensions market

We accept custom orders, mixed blonde and balayge are our best-selling colors, organic double drawn hair can make hair fuller, If you are creating an extension brand and looking for a reliable and high quality hair supplier, we can meet your needs.


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