Tape in hair extensions UK

Tape in hair extensions UK
There are many places to buy tape in hair extensions in the UK. Some of the most popular places include Beauty Works, Hair Extensions by Vick, Sally Beauty, and Clip Hair UK.

Tape-in hair extensions are typically made from real human hair and are designed to look and feel natural. They typically come in sections of wefts which are pre-taped for easy application. They usually come in thicknesses ranging from 0.8mm to 0.5mm. Tape-in hair extensions usually last up to 8-10 weeks before needing to be replaced.

Tape in hair extensions have several types,hole tape hair extensions,double tabs tape hair,wavy tape on hair extensions,M shaped tape hair extensions,ultra seamless tape hair extensions,invisil tape hair extensions, but hole tape and double tabs tape hair not so popular in UK market as the other styles.

To complete a whole head of wig, the installation time of tape hair generally only takes 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. It is the fastest among wigs. This is also the reason of tape in hair extensions most best selling.

Tape hair generally lasts for 2-3 months until new hair grows out and needs to be removed at the salon. Tape hair can be reused. The barber uses professional glue to remove the previous glue and replace it with a new TAPE. 

The medical adhesive used in our tape is very environmentally friendly, healthy and non-allergic. Suitable for most women with healthy scalp. 3Mtape in the United States is currently the most widely used and most recognized by British customers.

Tape in hair extension is a kind of hair extension that can quickly realize the volume and length of the hair, and change the shape of the hair. It is very invisible, very thin, and can be well integrated with your own hair, just like growing from the scalp. Come out the same. No foreign body sensation even when lying down. This is a good choice for many British beauty lovers who suffer from hair loss.

Tape in hair extensions can be cut into different lengths according to needs. Usually, the specifications that our British customers like to order are: The thickness of one pc tape in hair extensions is 0.5mm~0.8mm.1*4cm/piece, 2.5g/piece, 40pcs/package.

The installation of Tape in hair extensions is very simple and fast. If you go to a local salon in the UK, they usually put the customer's own hair in the middle by heating, and take 2 pieces of tape to clamp on both sides.

The above are some brief introductions about tape in hair extensions in the British market. We are a professional manufacturer of hair extension products. Our target markets are mainly customers in the United States and the United Kingdom. We have compared the needs of customers in these two markets. Accurate, if you are a wholesaler in this area, please contact our sales staff if you have any needs.


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