Questions about virgin hair

Questions about virgin hair
Virgin hair is the most important raw material for making hair extensions. Virgin hair is also known as virgin braids. It refers to the natural hair without any chemical treatment, perm, dyeing, straightening, etc., just like our own new hair. Everyone has this kind of natural hair, which is why virgin hair can do the high-end hair extension market.

In the process of using hair extensions, consumers will encounter various problems, and even question whether the hair extensions they buy are genuine hair extensions. We have summarized the following frequently asked questions and answers for your reference.

Is it easy to tangle when you wash your hair?

The non-remy hair and remy hair that the customer chose from the beginning did not have such a feeling, but when encountering the entanglement of the smooth hair, they will definitely think it is a knot. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The reason why scale-protected hair is entangled is because it retains the scales in the original state. After entering the water, the scales will slightly open up, so that they can easily tangle with the customer's own hair. As for the hair products made of soaked hair and inverted hair, these two types of hair need to be treated with acid, and there are almost no scales. Tangled. Therefore, after we put conditioner on our simple hair, we should blow dry it with a hair dryer from bottom to top. At this time, it is especially easy to loosen, and the effect after loosening is particularly smooth and textured.

The color difference between the head and the tail is more obvious, isn't it true virgin hair?

If the hair extension products you bought have a color difference at the end of the hair, do you think you have bought fake products? In fact, it is not the case. First of all, the color difference between the head and the tail is a characteristic of remyhair. Let’s take a 20-inch product as an example. Generally, the color above 4 inches is not used as a reference area for the color. This color is dyed slightly lighter than the color palette, 5-14 inches The area in between is the normal area where we check the color, and the area between 15-20 inches is a bit darker.

The color from the beginning to the end is from light to dark, why is there such a phenomenon?

In terms of braided hair quality, braided hair is hair cut directly from the head, so the activity of the hair decreases from top to bottom. Therefore, in the process of bleaching, the melanin on the top is decomposed faster, and the result of bleaching is that the top is light and the bottom is deep. Under the same circumstances, the coloring speed is the same for natural-colored (not oiled) hair, and the dyed color will have a natural transition color. After the raw material of the oil is bleached, the lower head is dyed in a barber shop. If there is pigment residue, it will be easier to combine with other pigments, the color will be faster on the bottom, and the color will be deeper.

If you want to reduce the color difference between the head and the tail, the most direct way is to bleach the bottom head separately, but this process will cause great damage to the hair quality, and the principle of maintaining scale hair is to protect the hair quality to the greatest extent, so we are dealing with During the process, the hair quality will not be damaged in order to deliberately reduce the color difference, so as to ensure that the customer can avoid the phenomenon of dry hair and knots at the end of the hair during use.

How many times can the virgin hair be washed with water at most?

Under normal circumstances, the condition of the hair after 60 washes is still very good, the color will be a little off, and the spring is still very good. This is our complete simulation of the washing, watering, shampooing, rubbing, washing, conditioner, washing, towel drying, and blow drying that customers use.

What is the biggest advantage of virgin hair?

No product is absolutely perfect. The biggest advantage of virgin hair extensions is the service life and the customer's body feeling. However, for customers who have not used virgin hair extensions before, care is still a big problem, so some customers are also complaining about tangles false knot problem.

At the same time, because of the high retention rate of scales, the degree of color fixation is weaker than that of ordinary braided hair. For single needs, we cooperate with sample orders and small and medium orders. The main reason for this step price is the loss and labor costs.

The above are the most common problems we encountered in actual communication with customers, and provided solutions to various problems in a targeted manner, hoping to help customers purchase.



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