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How to test the quality of our hair extension? A27

2018-06-29 17:21:06

How to test the quality of our hair extension? A27

  • The quality of the hair is the first element of the customer's choice and purchase.
  •  Quality hair extensions is hard to find and many companies are using marketing terms such as Remy and Virgin without reflecting the reality of their quality.

    So how can the buyer be able to measure the quality of the hair in a short time and believe us quickly?

    Please look at the following, and here you will find the answer:

   Step 1. Smell Test

   Step 2. Cuticle Test

   Step 3. Weight test

   Step 4. Length Test

   Step 5. Shed Test

   Step 6. Curl Test

   Step 7. Straight test

   Step 8. Wash Test

  Step 9. Bleach Test

  Step 10. Burn Test

  Step 11. Bonus. Hair root test.


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