Halo hair extensions UK

Halo hair extensions UK
The UK is one of the countries that import the most wigs in the world. Halo hair extensions is a hair extension that can quickly help customers change hairstyles, colors, lengths, thicknesses, etc. Therefore, it is the best wig piece sold in the UK wig market .

What is halo hair extensions?

There are different types of hair extension options in the British wig market, and Halo hair extension is one of the more popular types of hair extensions. Halo hair extensions are hair extensions that use an invisible fishing wire and several small clips to attach longer, thicker strands to the wearer's natural hair. Halo hair extension allows for quick addition of length and volume to any look in a non-destructive and convenient way.

The specification of halo hair extensions

When we go to a wig shop to buy halo hair extensions, there will be different specifications. The specifications that British customers often buy from Alove hair are as follows


Color:#613/#60/Piano color/Mixed color/T color

Weight or Thinckness: 120g/160g/200g

Hair texture: Non-remy hair

Alove hair also provides customization of other Halo hair extension specifications.

The features of halo hair extensions

Halo hair extension is a hair piece that sews hair strands of various lengths together through lace. There are clips on the hair piece and a fishing line that can adjust the length. Instead of glue, heat, etc., they are fused directly to your own hair, absolutely no harmful chemicals or heat are used, and they leave absolutely no residue. Especially suitable for clients with less volume hair without damaging your natural hair.

Why is halo hair extensions so popular in UK?

There are many different wig suppliers in the UK offering halo hair extensions for a range of different hair types and styles. If you need to temporarily go to a party, etc., halo hair extension is a recommended hair extension. That's because they're a non-destructive and easy-to-use hair extension option that instantly adds length and volume to any hairstyle. The key is that customers can operate at home by themselves, and it usually only takes more than ten minutes to complete the transformation of hair extension length, shape, color, etc. This is also the main reason why halo hair extensions are becoming more and more popular in the UK, especially among young people in the UK. In addition, halo hair extension can save a lot of money without going to the salon.

How to wear halo hair extentions?

In the UK hair extensions market, we have a variety of channels to buy Halo hair extensions. If you buy it from a British salon, the staff of the salon will tell you the specific operation method and disassembly. If you buy halo hair extensions online, although the operation of halo hair extensions is very simple, we still have some suggestions for customers who wear it for the first time. Start by placing the adjustable wire portion of the halo under your own hair at the base of your neck. Then, clip the small comb into place along the adjustable wire and secure. Finally, use a comb to detangle your own hair into the desired halo extension and style。

How to select proper halo hair extensions?

When choosing halo hair extensions, we need to consider the hair quality, color, length and thickness of the hair extensions, so as to better match our own hair. Under normal circumstances, halo hair extension has the highest purchase rate in the British hair extension market, and the color must be chosen to be more similar to your own hair color. The length should be selected according to your height, and finally according to the thickness of your hair. halo hair extensions.


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