Custom rooted color keratin K-tip hair extensions wholesale H7

Custom rooted color keratin K-tip hair extensions wholesale H7
Custom rooted color keratin K-tip hair extensions wholesale H7
Custom rooted color keratin K-tip hair extensions wholesale H7
Custom rooted color keratin K-tip hair extensions wholesale H7
Custom rooted color keratin K-tip hair extensions wholesale H7
Organic Hair
No tangling, no shedding,no splits.
K tip hair extension is a type of prebonded hair extensions,It's a long-lasting product on the market, our hair is 100% full cuticle hair, which means that all cuticles are aligned in the same direction.Our unique cuticle retention technology is what differentiates our hair from other factory product.

1.We produce different specifications of k tip

The tip of organic k tip hair extensions is produced using imported keratin, it will not damage the your hair, usually the weight of each strand hair is 1gram, we accept customized hair weight, and tip size, if you have your own specifications standard, we can 100 % match your standard.

2.Full cuticle hair is different from regular remy hair

The tip of the organic factory will not fall off. Our hair is 100% human hair. All cuticles are arranged in the same direction. In addition, we use a unique technology to retain the cuticle. Special instructions are that not all remy hair have cuticles. , our hair is not treated though acid bath process, that's why it can be reused for up to 2 years.

3.High quality k-tip wavy hair extensions is available

Hot steam makes wavy hair, which will definitely cause different degrees of damage to the hair extensions, but there are still many customers who want to buy wavy hair. We strictly control the steam temperature and make natural wavy hair extensions while ensuring the high quality of the hair.

4.Do you want to customize the color of the hair extensions?

Colors of orgainc hair has always been our strength, we can match your color swatches exactly, we create a lot of beautiful colors every year, our roots transition to light colors so natural, you can decide how far down the roots go, organic hair extensions are rarely pink or copper tones, that's why it's the first choice for high-end brand.

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