Custom European Human Hair Wigs

Custom European Human Hair Wigs
Customized European-style human hair wigs have many advantages such as comfortable wearing, realistic and natural effects, and long-term wearing. They are one of the hottest products in the European market. European wig wholesalers customize European human hair wigs in large quantities every year.

Custom European human hair wigs are a great option for anyone looking for a natural hairstyle. They are customizable, durable and comfortable to wear. If you are looking for a reliable custom European wig head set supplier. Organicchair is your good choice.

Custom European human hair wigs are handcrafted according to the customer's head shape and customized according to the style, color and length they want. The wigs are made using only natural and unprocessed high-quality European human hair.


There are several advantages to choosing a custom European human hair wig:

1. High-quality hair: European human hair is known for its natural luster, soft texture and durability. This type of hair is considered to be the highest quality hair available and looks more natural than synthetic wigs.

2. Customized fit: The customized European-style human hair wig is specially designed for the customer's head, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. Wig specialists take precise measurements on the customer's head to ensure the perfect fit, which helps prevent the wig from shifting or slipping out of place.

3. Personalized style: Custom European-style human hair wigs, customers can accurately choose the color, texture and style of hair to create a truly personalized look. Wig specialists will work with customers to select the perfect hair color and style to complement their natural features and match their personal preferences.

4. Durable: A well-maintained custom European human hair wig can last for years. This is a great investment for someone who wears wigs regularly.

5. Versatility: Custom European human hair wigs can be styled and treated like natural hair, which means customers can curl, straighten or blow dry their wigs. Plus, wigs can be cut and styled to create a variety of different looks.

The process of making a custom European human hair wig:

1. Consultation: The first step in creating a custom European human hair wig is to schedule a consultation with one of our wig experts. During the consultation, clients will discuss their specific needs, preferences and desired style.

2. Measurement: The sales staff will provide the customer with a video and diagrams of measuring the head size and other information, knowing that the customer's head will be accurately measured to ensure a perfect fit. These measurements are used to create a custom wig that fits the customer's head comfortably and securely.

3. Hair Selection: The client will choose the type, color and texture of the hair used to create the custom wig. European human hair is the highest quality choice for making wigs and is prized for its natural look and feel.

4. Wig base: choose the mesh base material, it can be lace front or full lace cap. And can create a natural hairline.

5. Wig Construction: A number of skilled workers hand-tied each hair on the lace in a way that imitated the natural growth pattern. This is a time-consuming process that requires great skill and precision.

6. Styling: After the wig head set is completed, the stylist will cut and style the wig to match the style desired by the client. This includes creating natural-looking texture, adding layers and ensuring an overall fit.


Custom European human hair wigs are a premium option for personalizing fit and style. The price in the market is also a high-end product, and the customization cycle is long. Therefore, wig buyers must choose a reliable wig manufacturer with strong technical strength, so as to provide a guarantee for the quality of customized wig sets.


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