2024 Hair Extension Trends

2024 Hair Extension Trends
If you've been working in the hair extensions industry for many years, you'll know that new trends emerge every year, and salons and stylists need to adapt to the ever-changing market, adjusting products and prices to meet richer, more personalized needs.

Changes in hair extension trends in 2024

Here is our hair extensions video: https://youtu.be/2t1alv3fCQM

1. Update of methods.

Just as tape in,hand tied weft and I tips were popular in the world a few years ago, hybrid weft,genius weft and clip ins in the European and American markets have been gradually occupying the mainstream position since last year. Their advantages are obvious. For example, one of the obvious disadvantages of hand tied weft is that it requires workers to weave by hand, which means longer production time and more expensive production costs. When machines replace manual work, it is an inevitable trend.

2. 2024 new products.

(1) V Light hair extensions 


This type of hair extension is simple and applicable. It mainly uses adhesive method. It only requires a set of tools and a handful of hair. This hair extension method is very simple, easy to operate and invisible. The same installation tools are also sold in our factory. More details You can click on the link to chat in detail:Robin's wharsapp: https://wa.me/message/3TFZQONPKPNJH1

(2) Butterfly hair weft / xo weft 


This is a convenient evolution of genius weft and invisible weft. Two wefts are combined together with a hole in the middle. The hairstylist will not spend more time stacking the two wefts during installation, thus improving the installation efficiency.


(3) Genius weft


It is the narrowest hair extension so far. It is thinner than machine weft and narrower than seamless weft for the same hair volume. Compared with hand tied weft, it can be cut short without hair loss. Contact us for hair extensions factory prices: Robin's whatsapp: https://wa.me/message/3TFZQONPKPNJH1

(4) Invisible weft 


A hair extension that has always been very popular, the hair is tied into PU strips through a machine, imitating the effect of hair growing naturally from the scalp. This product is available in viscose style and also has a style with clips, and can be cut at will. For any style you need, please click on the link and contact our sales staff.  Candy's whatsapp:https://wa.me/message/PVTDIBOGDD33P1

(5) New products 


This is our new product in the last three months.  Friends who are interested can click the link below to learn more. Candy's whatsapp: https://wa.me/message/PVTDIBOGDD33P1

There are many products that we haven't mentioned, like keratin tips, tape in, nano ring hair. Different products have different markets, and finding the best one for you and your customers is the most important thing.  Our factory has any product you need and high-end quality hair extensions, welcome to order!

3. Abundance of colors.

When the hair extension first appeared, women's goals were to lengthen and thicken their own hair to make them more confident, and they often opted for natural and blonde colors that were closer to their own hair color. But when you see a lot of blondes at your friends' parties, you start to have more personalized needs, such as various piano colors,ombre colors and balayage colors, as well as various bright colors such as red, blue and green, which make you stand out in the crowd.

4. Customer wearing experience.

In the past, clients often needed the help of professional stylists, so they booked time to come to the salon and spend several hours wearing the hair extension, and had the stylist treat them regularly, which required more time and money. Nowadays, women are more inclined to choose simple methods such as clip in and hybrid weft, which don't even need the help of a stylist. They also prefer lightweight and stress-free weft such as geniu weft and hand tied weft, while those that need to be heated, such as tips, are becoming less popular.

5. Reduction of quality requirements

Because of the COVID-19, some people are going through the difficult period of economic recovery, when the necessities of life and luxury need to choose one time, then we must first meet the basic needs of life, in addition, we will choose the lower price of hair extension, which means that the quality requirements are lower. Moreover, in the past, we usually need to wear hair extension for 9-15 months, and now few women insist on wearing it for that long, they are more looking forward to a new hair extension to change new color, which makes life fresh.

We offer different quality to meet different customer requirements. If you are looking for a long-term stable supplier, click on the link above to contact us, and we will have professional sales staff to connect with you :)


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