We are professional human hair extensions supplier and manufacturer,focusing on hand tied wefts, tape in hair extensions, prebonded hair extensions,wigs etc since 1999.
Organic hair

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Hair weave websites: http://www.organichairextension.com/ Full cuticle hair is our factory advantage. In organic hair factory, our main sell market is full cuticle hair high end market. Full Cuticle Intact Hair is made of different layers. Will still have all cuticles perfectly lined in the same directions.The cuticle is the outer layer of the hair. It is made up of overlapping layers of long cells. All cuticles are aligned in the same direction like the tiles on a roof. Their free edges are directed towards the tip. The cuticles protect the hair from outside elements and lock in the necessary moisture. It is not just a protective layer. A healthy cuticle makes the hair shine. Light reflects from their glossy surfaces. This gives the hair its characteristic appearance in addition to the pigment within the cortex. Full cuticle intact hair is the best hair in the world.
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Organic hair

We are one leading hair manufacture in China since 1999, with 17 years in hair market service including hair style design ,hair production and export wholesale .

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